Julian Park is a visionary artist known for creating enchanting and pure paper figurines that capture a magical and ethereal beauty. His works range from mythical beings to everyday objects, all infused with a warm, spiritual essence. Drawing deeply from Korea's rich traditions and sentiments, Julian regards paper as a precious gift from nature, striving for complete utilization of this material in his sculptures.

Renowned for his unique approach, Julian Park sees his paper sculptures as a medium for promoting peace, healing, and environmental restoration. 

He has developed a distinctive paper sculpture design CODEX, integrating cutting-edge techniques that enhance the role of paper as an innovative material for advanced architecture and interior design. His creations not only reflect a deep respect for nature but also reveal the potential of paper to transcend its traditional uses, making a compelling case for its place in modern art and design. Julian's work continues to inspire, demonstrating the transformative power of art in fostering a more harmonious and sustainable world.