Photo Story Book
/ by Julian Park

JPC cc (Complete Codex) method applied

An enchanting and sophisticated paper sculpture technique JPC cc (complete codex) method that employs every part of a single sheet without any wastage! Furthermore, by avoiding factory-produced glue and chemical adhesives, it keeps hands clean and remains environmentally conscious. With no paper discarded, it diminishes the demand for paper resources. Therefore, JPCadvocates for the pursuit of sustainable art. 

Also, this method entails that each design element within a single sheet of paper is interconnected, resulting in no separate parts breaking away. This necessitates a higher level of design precision compared to traditional paper sculptures, which are constructed by attaching individually crafted parts. It also demands an exceptional spatial awareness, surpassing conventional standards in sculptural artistry.

These next two photographs dramatically illustrate the transformation of a single sheet of paper into JPC HIMMELSREITER  through the JPC cc method.
complete codex ) one paper design
figure, The masterpiecc of refined skill

 impression gallery

The Himmelsreiter paper sculptures, once seen, are an indelible visual feast, never to be forgotten.
Captured through the lens of Julian Park, 
 these statuesque figures ascend to the status of timeless icons, cherished by aficionados globally. 
They stand as paragons of peace and justice, invigorating the spiritual essence of the universe.