" Challenge the Impossible "
" The New Birth of Victorious Goddess! "

2020, a genuine uniqueness has begun. 
The goddess of victory has come to bring us hope and joy
in the darkest time of isolation.

Special Thanks To

A B O U T   T H E   P R O J E C T

 January 2020

JPC creator Julian Park has got an official invitation from 

Maschietto Editore for a very special project:
Making a JPC-style NIKE paper statue inspired by the bronze sculpture of Brescia Nike.

P R O J E C T   P A R T I C I P A N T S

Riccardo Zani
 Main Artist 
Julian Park
 Project Assistant 
Doi Park

Maschietto Editore
design DALA

& co.

P R O J E C T   J O U R N A L
 by Julian Park 

The Invitation

From Maschietto Editore


Chapter 1
Planning for NIKE Paper Statue

The Very First Stage of Creating JPC NIKE Statue - CODEX 08

Chapter 2
Wings of Victory

‌Striking Beauty of JPC NIKE CODEX 11

Chapter 3
NIKE in Firenze

 Further Developments - a 1 meter tall JPC NIKE

Chapter 4
NIKE Face Work : Persona

The Face of the Goddess...

Chapter 5
Beauty of Goddess

‌A Meeting Point of the East and the West 

Chapter 6

‌Wings and Arms ‌Moving Freely -‌ and No Leftovers

Chapter 7
The Golden NIKE

‌Brilliant Colored-Papers from the Paper Company FAVINI 

Chapter 8
Over 1 Meter Tall NIKE 

Standing Straight - Spreading the Wings Out

Chapter 9
Thanks Meeting at Maschietto Editore Company

Back at the Maschietto Editore - a Special Presentation Ceremony 

Chapter 10
Progress in Details

Adding and adjusting hairband, head, neck, chest... and more. 

Chapter 11
Final JPC NIKE Statues in Firenze

Final period of JPC NIKE project in Firenze

Chapter 12 
‌Evolvement of wings 

In Offenbach, the wings of JPC NIKE have been evolved

More chapters will come soon...